Address query process

Die Aargauer Verwaltungsreformatoren

Address query process – getting started


The address query process allows citizens to check their address information online.


  • Sign up for a developer account (If you already signed up, sign in here)
  • Get subscription key from sign up account
  • Register Application
  • 3rd party software or webservice available to receive API calls

Business case description

To view their own details, deposited at their municipality, the user logs in to the portal where the address query can be ordered. A request will be submitted and sent from the portal over the platform to the municipality 3rd party software, where the available data will be collected and send back to the user automatically.

Sequence Diagram

How to integrate an account.addressdata event

  • Configure a webhook for the account.addressdata event.
  • Find the API to create,retrieve and update webhooks here.
  • Available variable:
  • ahvnumber (client provides thisnumber)
  • municipalityId (the unique ID of the municipality for which the link is created)
  • for testing the municipalityId will be equal to the appID
  • When the system creates the event account.addressdata, the above webhook will be executed
  • In the response to the webhook API call, the requested address data can be passed back.
  • Find more information about the call back here.
  • The response should be in thefollowing JSON format:

"id_subject": 0,
"firstname": "string",
"lastname": "string",
"street": "string",
"number": 0,
"addition": "string",
"zip": 0,
"city": "string",
"birthday": {
  "date": "string",
  "timezone_type": 0,
  "timezone": "string"
"birth_city": "string",
"birth_canton": "string",
"civil_status": "string",
"nationality": "string",
"hometown_canton": "string",
"branch": "string",
"influx_date": {   "date": "string",
  "timezone_type": 0,
  "timezone": "string" },
"influx_city": "string",
"influx_canton": "string"

  • The webhook API call should return 200 OK with the above JSON body if the call was successful.
  • Any other status will return be considered an error
  • If the webhook call is successful, the system will continue with response the address data back to the portal
  • If the submission is unsuccessful, no data will be submitted to the portal and the portal will receive an error status.

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